Bill Mullarky is an Austin-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who's music is a mixture of folk rock, jazz funk, and electronic pop. 

      Hailing from Pennsylvania, he is currently based in Texas playing shows, making quirky music videos, and recording music. Audiences compare the aesthetic of his live show's listening experience to the early days of folk artists like Paul Simon or Neil Young.  Using only an acoustic guitar and his voice, he explores classic themes of the road, death, love and celebrating life through hardship. Mullarky's smooth tenor voice, natural charm, and story-telling ability effortlessly enchants any audience's ear.

       His production style is aligned with acts like MGMT, Daft Punk, and The Postal Service. 
The twenty-something-year-old songwriter has a craftsman's touch of melody, intricate layering, and electronic influence. Living in Austin for the past 4 years, he has become a seasoned veteran of the local music scene and has branched out with several East Coast tours. You can currently catch him at your local cocktail lounge, coffee shop, or upscale dive bar singing laid back songs with a whole lotta heart.