Hey thanks for checking out my website!

I was born in Maryland, raised in South Central Pennsylvania, went to college for a while in West Virginia, and now I'm found around this Texas town called Austin.

I'm currently finishing my BSBA degree online at Thomas Edison State University and playing music in Central Texas. I work at a laundromat during the week to pay the bills and enjoy adventuring, road tripping and photography on the weekends. I try to stay away from vices but I am partial to a good cigar and some gas station drip-brew coffee. I love a good bagel and daydreaming while looking up at the sky.

After I finish college (almost there!) I'm going to release new music and make more music videos. I love music with all my heart and feel fortunate to be able to do what I love.

My music is kind of all over the place. Some of it is dance music, some of it is folky, and there are hints of bluegrass with jazzy notes if you listen real close. I guess I'm a singer-songwriter, but I don't consider myself to that serious of a singer (or that serious of a songwriter, for what it's worth). My music is written on guitar but I don't consider myself to be much of guitarist, either.

I consider myself to be a musician,

in every sense of the word. 

I wrote and self-produced everything here. Music makes me feel good and something feels right in my core being when I'm making it.  Music is my light and therapy. I'm in awe of music; its escapism, its expressiveness, its diversity, its passion. ​

I'm so happy you're here.

~William Andrew Mullarky~

October, 2021

'New Orleans' single coming as soon as I graduate college!